Tata Elxsi – Q3 FY23 Results Update

Tata Elxsi, incorporated in 1989, is amongst the world’s leading providers of design and technology services across industries including Automotive, Broadcast, Communications and Healthcare.

Moreover, Tata Elxsi is helping customers reimagine their products and services through design thinking and application of digital technologies such as loT (Internet of Things), Cloud, Mobility, Virtual Reality and Artificial Intelligence.

(A) Quarterly Results – QoQ & YoY

Tata Elxsi ltd - Performance Snapshot

(B) Key Operational Parameters – QoQ

Tata Elxsi ltd - Key Margins Q3FY23

(C) Shareholding changes – QoQ

Tata Elxsi ltd - Shareholdings Q3FY23

(D) Sales Classification for Q3FY23

On QoQ basis, IDV Segment contributed 1.60% higher in revenue, However, EPD Segments contributed ~3% lesser.

(E) Q3FY23 – Key Highlights from Management Discussion

(i) Business Performance

  • Tata Elxsi’s Topline 7% up QoQ & 28.81% YoY to Rs. 818cr. Profit up 12% QoQ & 29% YoY to Rs 195cr
  • furthermore, People Headcounts stood at 11607, net addition reported negative of -72
  • During Q3, Revenue increased by 34.7% in the European area in compared to 34.1% in Q2 and 32.8% in Q3 FY2022.
  • In addition, Revenue share decreased in the American and Indian markets by 42.8% and 43.2% respectively
  • Regulatory services, new product innovation, and digital health were the main drivers of the healthcare verticals’ 28.4% YoY growth.
  • In order to cut costs and improve profits, Co. has switched from contractors to Government workers.

(ii) Future Outlook

  • They Have planned to hire around 400 employees per quarter
  • Healthcare verticals expected to recover more from here and to deliver growth, but they may perform poorly in the coming quarter.
  • Additionally, from the upcoming quarters Co is eyeing better utilization because of training and other skill set has been provided
  • further, For the next four quarters, management will continue to hire new engineers, and lateral recruiting will also continue depending on the business.
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References:  valueresearchonline.com, Industry’s Publications, News Publications, Mutual Fund Company.

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