Stocks with Increasing Gross Profit Margin %


The “-” in the table signifies that data not available

List of companies whose Gross Profit Margin increased in last 5 years consistently

Company / Gross profit margin % ->FY15FY16FY17FY18FY19FY20FY21
Wipro Ltd. - 94.1794.8996.5897.7498.198.76
Larsen & Toubro Ltd. - 55.9456.5358.1958.7859.8490.09
Astral Ltd. - 25.2826.3728.7831.4233.0937.47
Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd.47.4348.6348.7352.6255.8456.17 -
Tata Elxsi Ltd. - 97.5998.1598.6599.1899.2299.25
Garware Technical Fibres Ltd. - 53.5461.7865.3567.1567.5970.86
Shilpa Medicare Ltd. - 45.2646.850.1552.9965.4169.1
Indoco Remedies Ltd. - 65.0565.3766.4666.6766.9171.45
Borosil Renewables Ltd. - 42.343.1446.0949.6677.8178.57
Healthcare Global Enterprises Ltd. - 68.7371.6572.5973.5376.0677.34
Ramco Industries Ltd. - 37.2138.6345.0947.1149.3350.24
Kesoram Industries Ltd. - 57.1662.5463.8266.0869.189.06
Suven Life Sciences Ltd. - 65.967.4472.9475.6675.94100
Thangamayil Jewellery Ltd. - 4.297.568.389.9910.6111.5
Andhra Petrochemicals Ltd. - 12.1818.0824.3428.7230.3938.22
Bharat Bijlee Ltd. - 20.9826.0827.7728.3428.429.45
Aditya Vision Ltd. - 6.596.617.098.5810.1212.28
Mac Charles (India) Ltd. - 86.8687.5789.990.2890.49100
Sayaji Hotels Ltd.73.6675.176.6578.2379.9380.02 -
Mahindra EPC Irrigation Ltd. - 36.4841.1143.145.4345.8847.67
Kkalpana lndustries (India) Ltd. - 10.6510.8511.2612.612.6413.29
Integra Engineering India Ltd. - 42.3143.3944.5246.9146.9947.12
Vadilal Enterprises Ltd.15.2717.0718.2721.6223.8225.53 -
Frontier Springs Ltd. - 51.6952.2754.7455.3456.6461.74
UY Fincorp Ltd.7.7776.1578.0788.0299.3799.99 -
Machino Plastics Ltd. - 32.4335.9238.9839.5440.9245.88
Banka Bioloo Ltd. - 37.7844.3259.4368.6776.2587.49
Duncan Engineering Ltd. - 30.4632.9335.3540.6740.9141.73
Brahmaputra Infrastructure Ltd.72.9176.6980.3291.0495.397.52 -
Acknit Industries Ltd.27.4333.435.0238.2940.7548.04 -
Vasundhara Rasayans Ltd.43.9549.6656.256.956.9560.13 -
Gujarat Craft Industries Ltd.22.6723.4927.0528.8629.4229.9 -
Stephanotis Finance Ltd. - -1.362.784.4416.9466.35100
Shukra Jewellery Ltd.2.994.318.9723.5181.7289.31 -
Samyak International Ltd.0.542.732.923.184.518.8 -
Inter Globe Finance Ltd.1.523.278.444.648.4960.31 -
Pasupati Spinning & Weaving Mills Ltd.46.3650.855.7465.166.266.56 -
Muller & Phipps (India) Ltd. - 48.7449.0149.7856.7657.6458.57
Glittek Granites Ltd.52.2853.5564.1664.7366.3267.34 -
Mewat Zinc Ltd.6.266.586.77.5115.1528.51 -
Santosh Fine-Fab Ltd.28.228.9652.8855.8562.1476.15 -
Peeti Securities Ltd. - 17.4421.8630.0534.2835.9943.57
Sharad Fibres & Yarn Processors Ltd.13.4225.9441.4242.0443.2646.54 -
Terrascope Ventures Ltd.-13.632.55.7725.3325.5935.08 -

The “-” in the table signifies that data not available

The above list of companies is without preference to any specific industry or company.

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References:  Annual Reports, Corporate Announcements.

Disclaimer: The report only represents personal opinions and views of the author. No part of the report should be considered as recommendation for buying/selling any stock. Thus, the report & references mentioned are only for the information of the readers about the industry stated.

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